What Exactly is a Swarr? Part 2 of 5

What exactly is a Swarr? That is the million dollar question that I've been asking too.

On Monday, September 11th, 2006 I was an official Swarr for 2 years. Amazing isn’t it? And some people actually still like me…

I became a Swarr one beautiful September day what seems like ages ago. I said “I do” and that was that. No turning back now. I like to think I have adapted well to this new family’s style. And by “adapted well”, I mean “learned to survive”.

It is a cutthroat world where I now live. I am forced to belch in public, forced to partake in countless discussions regarding bodily functions and I can’t even begin to describe the lessons in patience I have been forced to learn. On the upside, I now have a whole new appreciation for art, and I have realized that merciless pranks and jibes are really just expressions of love (thanks Gabe. You teach your lessons well).

My skin has thickened and my wit has quickened. On top of it all, my circle of deeply loved family has widened. And that enough is worth it all.

So all in all I feel that two years ago, a good decision was made…no mater how many times I may step back, look at these people with the utmost curiosity, and be grateful I will soon have my degree in Psychology.



Lamar The Revenger said...

aawww.... the wife justs LOOOOVES YOU! LOOOOOVES YOU!!!!! sorry she was just channelling val. me? i think your swell. without any piercings. how bout breakfast? you, hubby man, monster, my pooky-poo, & yours truly? give us a call!!

shell said...

Great blog M.B. You have always fit in well! Why would anyone not love you? And one of the best belchers out there! Besides my husband anyway.

Mom said...

Ah....the advantages of a Swarr daughter-in-law!!! We're so honored to have such a beautiful, smart, caring and fast learner for our newest Swarr!!! So far, you get the "Sweetest Swarr Belching/Farting Award". Congrats!!! Also, for being a terrific mom to Lil Man!!! Being a Swarr has it's benefits...I could list them, but.....nah!!!
We love you MJ!!! We love you MJ Swarr!!! Welcome to the family!!!
Mom & Dad