Outsmarted by a man half my size!!

[by zach]

I love to talk to little man when I take him to school in the mornings. Obviously because he's my son, but mainly because you never know what he's gonna say. Case in point:

This morning for instance, I tried my hand getting him to see things in different perspectives. We were driving by a pond and I accidentally called it a lake. But that got me thinking...how he views a tiny puddle is different than how an ant would view that same puddle. Seemingly pointless information, but it may give him something to think about; analytical thinking is high on my importance list for him. So the conversation went as follows:

Me: "Declan? Did you ever think about how a small puddle would look to an even smaller ant?"

Declan: "No."

Me: "Well...let's say you're standing near a tiny puddle. And because you're so big, it's just a tiny puddle, right?"

Declan: "Yeah. Because I'm sooo big and the puddle is sooo small."

Me: "Now, let's say a tiny little ant walked up and stood at that same puddle. What do you think he would see instead of a tiny little puddle?"

Declan: "He'd see me standing at the puddle."


I just have to say right now how awesome my husband is. I came home from work (just after Zach had left the house for class) to find the table set and decorated, stuffed salmon in the oven with sides of pasta and vegetables on the stove and bread and shrimp on the table waiting. The oven and stove timers went off minutes after I walked in the door with Declan. So we sat down to a wonderful, delicious, almost relaxing dinner together, lamenting the fact that our 'daddy' was missing from the party.

Thanks honey. I love you.

Should've Eaten My Wheaties

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea the amount of work I had to do before lunch.

I thought it was to be an ordinary day, but alas, I found myself destroying the Dallas Cowboys, rescuing a US Embassy from terrorists, spelunking for hidden treasure, and rescuing a princess from the clutches of a giant evil dragon-king after getting sucked down a pipe.


I love online Nintendo Games.