A Few Good... Commercials

[posted by zach]

I thought I'd post the two newest Marine Corps commercials for your viewing pleasure. Courtesy of the Our Marines website.

This first one was from January and it is entitled Marines Across America. A portion of the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team traveled to fifteen sites across America to film this one.

This one is the newest of the Marine Corps commercials, called 'Leap'. It just aired in June and it tells the story of Staff Sergeant Hill, now a Senior Drill Instructor at MCRD Parris Island. Please follow this link to read more. It's worth it.

Also, check back soon, I'm working on a few posts about my experience in the Marine Corps from start to finish. For starters, take a look at this commercial...the one I remember.

Semper Fi.

School again, school again jiggity-jig

For those of you that don't know, I am officially a student. I've decided to further my education by going to college. For starters, I'm going to HACC, then I'll be transferring to another school to round out my education and go from there. My ultimate goal is to become a history teacher. Yay me.

I've decided to start slow this semester to ease into things and I'm only taking 3 classes, two of which are online. I think this is a good move since I have a tough time getting into the mindset that I am a student. Those that can recall, I was not the most engaged student in high school.

The other thing I have to get used to is that all of the students at school are 10 years younger than me and the faculty at HACC deals with them day in and day out. Case in point:

I went to the campus today to pick up a few books. Not having a student ID yet, I went to the Student Services desk and decided to ask the lady (a non-student) a question...

me: Ok, question: Do I need a student ID to buy books from the book store?
lady: Well I'm not sure. Can I have your student ID?
me: Sure, it's Hxxxxxxxx.
lady: Can I see it?
me: Can you see what?
lady: Your student ID, I want to make sure it's correct.
me: What? I-I just gave it to you. Hxxxxxxxx.
lady: I know but I want to make sure you're giving me the correct number.
me: What? That's the number I use to log in online, correct?
lady: That's the same one. I'd like to confirm it's the right number.
me: Um, could I borrow a post it note and a pen?
lady: Oh sure.
[hands me said items...I proceed to write Hxxxxxxxx]
me: Here you go. [hand her info-filled post it note]
lady: That's correct. Thank you very much.
me: Are you serious?
lady: Hm?
me: Oh...uh...nevermind.

Lake Tobias

By: Mrs. Swarr

Ever been to Lake Tobias? No? I highly recommend it. It’s a wonderful little collection of strange animals like capybara, zedonks, yak, alpaca, and many more that I have never heard of. Many of the animals are so accustomed to people that they will walk right up to say hello (if they could actually talk). Definitely a good way to spend the afternoon.

Lake Tobias was the first of Declan’s field trips where I was lucky enough to tag along. There was plenty of fun to be had, but unfortunately the fun had to wait until after lunch time when Declan finally managed to get over his carsickness. We went on a safari in the morning, and I hate to admit that I was one of those goofy parents who was ten times more excited by the numerous animals than my own child was. Declan kept his head down on the seat trying not to throw up while I nudged him every 5 seconds to get him to look at the awesome buffalo or the huge moose climbing onto the topless safari bus. He just didn’t care.

After we got some food into his little belly, he was ready for adventure. We went straight to the petting zoo (aka herd of goats) where he fed baby animals and tested the patience of several alpacas (did you know that a black alpaca lazing in the sun feels really good against your naked belly? Yeah, me either...Declan does). He also violated at least one goat (kid sees goat with upturned tale, kid thinks ‘what’s that hole for’. Then, said child cannot possibly restrain finger from poking said hole), after which I dragged him directly to the exit to find a place to wash his hands, found that there was no such place, and promptly decided, meh, its just goat butt, how dirty can it be? Yes, apparently spending my childhood summers on a farm did damage my code of hygiene. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip. Have a look-see for yourself.

Warm Fuzzy

[posted by zach]

I was home sick a little while ago. I can't really recall when or what was wrong with me, but I remember that it sucked. Ask Maribeth and she'll confirm; when I'm home sick, I will lay and watch TV all day long. Movies, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Military Channel, etc... If it's interesting and somewhat educational, I'm there.

Well, this particular time, I was watching my third consecutive episode of Survivorman On Demand (I will take this time to say that Survivorman is 1,000 times better that Man vs. Wild). The cool thing about On Demand is that they don't have commercials during the programs, but more of their own Network Plugs. They'll advertise about the network in general or an upcoming series, etc. Fine by me.

Les Stroud just finished skinning a rabbit when it faded to the break. I sat there and watched two astronauts floating in space, talking about the view. They then broke into song and this segment continued on showing different people and situations. All the while they are each singing this song. I was enthralled. I was laying there in awe of what I had just seen. Then I realized it was On Demand, so I was rewinding and rewatching it over and over.

Although I was sick, this segment made me feel good. Not healthy or giddy or anything...just good. Like the world is one big happy family. Well. Thanks to the interwebs, here is that same segment for you to enjoy. I guarantee you'll watch it over and over....and it'll put a smile on your face every time.