Warm Fuzzy

[posted by zach]

I was home sick a little while ago. I can't really recall when or what was wrong with me, but I remember that it sucked. Ask Maribeth and she'll confirm; when I'm home sick, I will lay and watch TV all day long. Movies, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Military Channel, etc... If it's interesting and somewhat educational, I'm there.

Well, this particular time, I was watching my third consecutive episode of Survivorman On Demand (I will take this time to say that Survivorman is 1,000 times better that Man vs. Wild). The cool thing about On Demand is that they don't have commercials during the programs, but more of their own Network Plugs. They'll advertise about the network in general or an upcoming series, etc. Fine by me.

Les Stroud just finished skinning a rabbit when it faded to the break. I sat there and watched two astronauts floating in space, talking about the view. They then broke into song and this segment continued on showing different people and situations. All the while they are each singing this song. I was enthralled. I was laying there in awe of what I had just seen. Then I realized it was On Demand, so I was rewinding and rewatching it over and over.

Although I was sick, this segment made me feel good. Not healthy or giddy or anything...just good. Like the world is one big happy family. Well. Thanks to the interwebs, here is that same segment for you to enjoy. I guarantee you'll watch it over and over....and it'll put a smile on your face every time.


Gabe Swarr said...

You know we used to sing that at camp right? Maybe that's where you first heard it...

Lamar The Revenger said...

i love it! i feel good now even if i'm gonna get searched and frisked at work every sale day.

Mom said...

Well, ZeeWee, No wonder you loved that song...that song sums up YOU! Every word...is YOU! It's who you are and what you're about...no doubt about it.
Boom di adda!!!!!

Erik said...

When it started, I was thinking, man that's kinda odd. But after a few seconds I started to like it. By the end, yeah, it's pretty cool.