Poop Story #1: Cat Bowels

Well. It has been a little while since our last posting. This time we were legitimately busy. Before I go into the lovely subject of cat bowels, I want to backtrack and talk about the housework we wanted done by Dec 1st. The list was as follows (followed by the progress made):

1. a finished dining room (DONE!!...just needs some crown moulding and paint touch up)
2. a bartop installed (almost done. Needs trim and grout)
3. a countertop that doesn't move when it's leaned on (DONE!!)
4. hood over the stove (nope)
5. tin ceiling installed (we ordered and painted samples...we need to order the rest)

All in all, we're not doing too bad.

Ok back to the poop. Oliver seemed to be getting fat over the course of a few days, so when I came home and he was meowing and lethargic, we got concerned. He was running all over the house squatting so we came to the conclusion that his pooper was clogged. We called about 6 different vets but to no avail. They all referred us to the PETS emergency place in Lancaster. All other optins exhausted, we decided to call a friend of ours who works in a vet (assisting with surgeries and such). Angie came over with a little plastic bag full of stuff..."hmmm...what could that stuff be?" I wondered.

I didn't have to wait long. She opened the bag and pulled out a rubber glove and some KY Jelly. Here we go. On the tile floor with a towel in hand and a cat in the other she asked me to hold him down. Ugh...the glove goes on, next is the KY Jelly aaaand 'bloop'! In it goes. Ollie didn't like that very much.

After violating the cat we waited to see if things would get flowing again. Nope. Then the phone rings. It was one of the vets we had called. He said that as long as the cat is peeing, we should be good to wait until the morning but we should take him in to get an enema.
Figuring that we traumatized Ollie enough we decided we would wait until the morning to take him to the vet.

The sun came up and Ollie was off to the vet. Maribeth took him in and all was well. It turns out that he wasn't stopped up at all...it was his peeper not his pooper. He had a urinary tract infection and his bladder was full. So medications were prescribed and passed along to Oliver's insides and he is doing much better.

Coming up next: Poop Story #2: Poop Shovel


Anonymous said...

Yay! My roommate's cat, Hercules, has a UTI right now too. But his problem doesn't involve a stoppage...it involves a failure to stop. I awakened yesterday morning to him peeing all over the house. Our apartment smells awful. And for some reason, my roommate decided to add to the stench and bought a bluefish for dinner last night, cooked it, and left the entrails in the garbage. Imagine my thrill upon returning home from work after midnight to a fish and cat urine aroma seeping into the hall outside our apartment. Consider this my 30 day's notice. You guys need a nanny?

Lamar The Revenger said...

poor ollie. hope he's ok. i guess that was his x-mas present. hope artimus doesn't have the same problem. also, 2 questions: is ollie walking funny & is he staying away from you?

Mom said...

Can't imagine having a big, fat wad of latex stuck up MY little heiney hole! And the size of Ollie's?!!? OUCH!!!!
All in all, Ollie's very lucky to have such great parents!!! Well done!!!!!

zach said...

Mom...I find that comment officially disturbing...you ar emy mother and you were just talking about thing being stuck places...

Anonymous said...
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