Florida Trip: The Joys of Publix

Ok. It's time to blog about our Florida trip starting.....now!

Florida Trip Day 1: The Joys of Publix

After a very pleasant and surprisingly non turbulent flight (and after putting our tray tables and seat backs in their original and upright positions) we started our descent into Orlando...

Our plane arrived at the gate Saturday April 14th around quarter 'til 4. After moseying down to the baggage claim and claiming our baggage, we then took a courtesy van to our car rental place which was surprisingly nice. Although the last thing I was expecting to hear upon arriving in Florida was a heavy Brooklyn accent from our van driver. We went through all of the rigamarole at the car rental place and it was off to the hotel.

Check in was flawless...but then we had to wait 20 minutes for a parking pass which we were informed was highly necessary and important yet put in our windshield all but twice with no problems whatsoever.

We went to the room, unpacked, sat down for all but an hour, made all of the necessary "We got here" phone calls and it was off to the grocery store...Publix. We had a little kitchenette in our room and decided that it might be nice to make a meal every now and then.

Grocery shopping on vacation was a little weird, but we found that the 'Publix' brand foods had very nice and refreshing packaging, so that made it enjoyable...well that and the fact that once you're outside our great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania they sell alcohol at grocery stores, convenience stores, pizza shops, etc...Everywhere except at a 'State Store' (which incidentally, no one outside of PA knows what one is).

After spending way too much on groceries, it was back to the room. And if my memory serves me, it was an evening of nothing but relaxing and enjoying the jacuzzi tub...with beer and wine purchased at...you guessed it: Publix.

Good first day.

Up next: Florida Trip Day 2: Turn left at the Walgreens...


Lamar The Revenger said...

man, PA tries to stick it to you every chance they get.

Mom said...

I understand we're pretty close to being a "smoke-free" state. Hopefully, PA will follow suit with selling alcohol in retail shops other than "state stores".
Looks like a great start to your vacation. Can't wait for more!!!!!

Amanda said...

i KNOW! i am too used to being in the good ol' Commonwealth of VA, where i can grab a vintage box of Franzia at the corner CVS. i was home on Sunday for a few hours with Matt...had dinner with the fam and had to steal vino from Jean and Jer since we couldn't purchase any funjuice on the Sabbath. geesh.