Harry Potter- NO SPOILERS!!

[No Spoilers here!]

Ok...first off I just want to say that we are still reading the book. And obviously, others are still reading too. So I won't post any spoilers nor will I tolerate any in the comments section...they will be deleted and you will have problems.

Maribeth and I have been pushing through reading the book aloud and we have only 10 more chapters to go (plus the epilogue from what I hear). I'm being told that the ending is amazing!

All I will say thus far is that the book is an utterly fantastic roller coaster of story and emotion. Wow! I CANNOT WAIT TO FINISH!!!

My mother has graciously agreed to watch the lil man tonight so Maribeth and I can finish the book (thanks, Mom).** When we do finish, I still will not post any discussions until it seems that the Harry Potter fans out there start resurfacing from their spoiler protected hidey-holes. I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

So if you are reading this, please post in the comments section whether or not you are still reading and also when you are finished...I can't wait to talk about it.

Happy reading Potter-fans!

-The Swarrs

**If you try calling our house or stopping in unannounced tonight you will be ignored. I don't care if you look in the window know that we are home. Unless you are bleeding profusely and are in need of medical attention, you will be completely ignored. My feelings won't be hurt in the least.


MB Swarr said...

I thought Mom was watching Declan tonight so we can clean the house. And tomorrow we are busy. The book will have to wait until Wednesday.

MB Swarr said...

HAHAHA! Joking :)

zach said...

The book will wait?!? ...you scared me so bad I think I just shat! I will live in squalor until this book is done and you will be living with me.

Lamar The Revenger said...

I can't think of anything to make you stop reading today except something so bad and false you two would disown me. it's THAT BAD. read that book because we won't do anything this week anyway. WE HAVE A LIFE.

coworker kim said...

Zach and Maribeth, Kenny and I will be up your way this evening, with Seth and Levi and their significant others, and little Lexi! You always said stop in anytime and you will feed us! Soooooooo, we're passing through at about 7pm and will be famished! Would it be too much trouble to have dinner ready for 7 people - at about 7? Nothing fancy of course - I heard MBs lasagna is to die for though (hint hint). We will bring some wine and a couple of blockbuster movies and make an evening of it! Yes?

zach said...

nope. i will ignore...ha!