Find upon finds!

So I've been perusing Google's patent search engine as of late and I usually come across some really cool stuff. The patent forms are very interesting to me because they not only have to contain a full description of the invention, but also a picture. I've also been fairly disappointed because it seems that every good idea I have, some schmuck thought of it, patented it, and is now squatting on the patent and not marketing their product/invention. Ah well.

I've actually found the patent for for a baby brain cooling device and also the patent for for the push pin. However, today (10 minutes ago, actually), I came across the absolute coolest patent form I have ever witnessed. It's for a toy gun which is convertible into a robotic humanoid form.

Yup. You guessed it. I found the patent for Megatron...



UPDATE: There is actually a whole SLEW of Transformers patents. That zany Takara.


Lamar The Revenger said...

that's un-dirty word-believable!

Savage said...

Very cool! Thanks for pointing this out.

I guess it was good that the Transformers were patented, otherwise those Gobots would have nabbed their likenesses.

The Swarrs... said...

Cy-kill's transformation is very similar to Wreck-Gar's. I wonder if Hasbro (Takara) had to pay out to Gobots for that. I bet the legal side of the toy world is fascinating. Especially in the 80's. Hmmm...smells like a book idea.

Pappy said...

That's Nothing!
Check out the INVENTOR on Patent #D384,587.
That'll hold ya!

pappy said...

SORRY, Patent#D384585