Roar... tiger-like

By: Mrs. Swarr
I was going to write a nice long story about Halloween, but when it comes down to it, this is all there was:
  • Mommy works on tiger costume for days
  • Family walks in Mt Gretna parade on Monday, during which there is a torrential downpour and said costume is all but ruined. Trick-or-treat night? Wednesday. I have 1 evening to remake Tiger.
  • Tiger shabbily remade, trick-or-treating a success despite crazed rush from Lancaster to Morgantown.

He knocked on the doors and said trick-or-treat all by himself

Post trick-or-treating:
  • Declan learns he is not allowed to eat 3 lbs of candy at 8:30pm, even if he did just work for every piece of it.
  • Our beautiful 2 year old magically transforms into a raging, screaming, spitting, writhing mass of evil.
  • Said mass of evil is forcibly strapped to car seat (give me a break - I could have lost a limb) and proceeds to scream the entire 40 minute ride home.

I think he fell asleep at some point that night, but I've erased the majority of the event from my now frail mind.

Next year we'll give him door duty.


daddyswarr said...

Thats a really nice tail he has...

The Swarrs... said...

Oh yeah. Daddy sewed the tail. Credit where credit is due.

Nana Swarr said...

I seem to recall "Leaf Boy" had the same reaction. Like father, like son!!

Bluesman said...

roar indeed. :-)

Lamar The Revenger said...

great... more pain to look forward to. hey declan, be glad your parents aren't like my brother and sister-in-law... if they even let my niece go trick-or-treating, she gets one piece of candy and the rest goes to my brother. and she's 9 years old!