Look, a picture!!!

By: Mrs. Swarr

The camera card reader still doesn't work. I don't know the facts - all I know is that parts of our computer don't work and that makes me very grumpy. Maybe not grumpy. More like perturbed. Severely perturbed, that's it.

Anyway, still no pictures. No pictures of Lucy our new cat (does 4 months still count as new?), no pictures of Christmas, no pictures of Declan's 3rd birthday party, no pictures of the changes we've made in the house.... nuthin. I suppose we should just buy a new card reader, but we already have 2 that we were only able to use once or twice each, and dammit I don't want to spend money on something I just bought 2 weeks ago and shouldn't have had to buy again for 2 years!!!!!! Perturbed.

Ok how's this:

We don't really let Declan watch El Tigre a whole lot, partly because its too fast-paced for a 3 year old, but mostly because we don't have Nickelodeon and its rarely on demand. We try to let him know though, that 'this is your Uncle Gabe's cartoon so you should think its the coolest thing ever.' Hasn't really worked. Thankfully McDonald's was willing to help us out here and agreed to slip El Tigre toys into his Happy Meal (they really do make you happy).

Before you all condemn us here, we tried to avoid the fast food thing with Declan, but you have to understand... we slipped once, and ever after there is no food on the planet that compares to chickennuggetsandfrenchfries. Not only is chickennuggetsandfrenchfries the best ever food, but it will cure anything that ails him.

"My tummy hurts, wahhh"


"I'm sleepy and grumpy, wahhh"




See? The choices are to refuse toilet food and stay up all night preparing organic yummies, OR concede the fact that people have been eating toilet food for 50 years and the worst thing that has happened is that they are fat, unhealthy and gross. The winning choice is obviously my God given right to a smidgen of sanity.

Am I off track? Where was I? Oh yeah, El Tigre. Well since the toys have entered our household (how dare you accuse us of having 4 of each character!), Declan finally gets the picture. I mean he mostly gets the picture. He runs around yelling "WHITE PANTERAAAAAAAA" and plays with the toys and still thinks Uncle Gabe is the best human being ever. I guess the only thing we're still stuck on is the whole 'dual personality' thing. He doesn't get that Manny and El Tigre are one and the same. That causes some major confusion let me tell you. Oh and it doesn't help that he has seen the episode where Frida steals Manny's belt and becomes La Tigressa, because now he's convinced that El Tigre is a girl therefore he couldn't possibly be Manny in disguise and so on and so forth.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! El Tigre!!!
El Tigre rocks! So does Uncle Gabe! So does chickennuggetsandfrenchfries! So do Mommy and Daddy! So do Nana and Pappy 'cuz they love all the above!!! Well, Pappy doesn't like the chickennuggets! But the rest...Yay!!! They rock!!!

zach said...

Pappy should like chickennuggettsandfrenchfries because they're notrealmeatbutprocessedplastic

Mrs. Blues said...

we made homemade chicken nuggets and baked onion rings the other night for dinner - mmmm hippy food. (of course, we're still to small for playland - that might change things [just a little])

Bluesman said...

All white meat goodness. mmmmm. I think i need to go get somewhere and get something. yeah.

Lamar The Revenger said...

so they used to throw the whole chicken in the grinder when making then noe they just cut the breasts off. watch super size me! i haven't eaten nuggets since.. oh yeah a shout out to declan: