So Wall-E comes out this weekend. I'm looking forward to going to see it because I haven't been let down by Pixar yet. Ratatouille was so-so the first time I saw it, but after rewatching it 2 or 3 times, it's growing on me. I really do like watching it and I think they did do a great job.

Now...back to Wall-E. It's a story (from what i can gather) about a single robot who is cleaning up the Earth after all of the humans have moved on. Another robot being comes to Earth and Wall-E gets pulled into an other worldly adventure by his cybernetic heartstrings. What more could draw a robot into the depths of space?

I'm really excited to see what Pixar developed for all of the other life forms. They are a creative bunch who seem to have fun doing what they do. Also, Pixar is known to insert Pixar-geekisms into their movie. I'm curious to know how many I can find. Also, the other thing that has piqued my interest is the fact that Wall-E doesn't talk (at least I don't think he does aside from the "Wall-Eeee" I've heard in the trailers). I think it's a great move and really pushes the limit of what one can actually do with just CGI as opposed to real actors.

After all, communication is 70% body language.


MB Swarr said...

For the record, this is a Zach post. My opinions are in no way reflected in this post. (I happen to dislike 'Ratatouille' rather fiercly and have no desire to pay money to watch 'Wall-E')(Hi Pixar. Did I happen to mention that 'Cars' is one of my favorite movies?).

zach said...
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Lamar The Revenger said...

okay zach, if we can get a babysitter very soon, michelle and i will go with you (and i guess Declan wants to go, right?) better yet, if mb DOESN'T want to pay money for the best pixar film since the incredibles, she can take care of alex for us. got to talk it over with the wife. i haven't seen bababooey i mean ratatouille, but that one has no interest with me. oh, cars was a good one too. just below the incredibles. so lets make things happen!