The Boofers Song

[by Zach]

, eh? Where to begin? Well, I guess it all started a long time ago when I was a just a little pup. The story I heard was that Dad used to sit at the table, after a meal and stretch, The resulting exhale/sigh sounded like 'boofers'.

Boofers has since become a family word.

When to use boofers? Well, Boofers is used when remarking about a negative situation. As an example, one would use it as such:

Zach was walking across the kitchen and dropped his cup, resulting in a huge mess of broken glass and water. Looking at the mess, Zach says, "Boofers*."

*Note: the short form, 'boof' can be substituted, or the semi-sarcastic form, 'booferrific' (i.e. "Well that was just booferrific").

Boofers has become such a normal word in our household that I think, when he finds out it is not a real word, Declan will need counseling.

He uses it all the time and, at one point, even had a song about it.

...and by the way...this recording, which was exclusive to Uncle Gabe and Aunt Karla, is now available to the masses.

Good job, Lil Man.


Lamar The Revenger said...

boofers? it's better that a cuss word. i'll have to get alex to say that instead of porkchop sandwiches.

Gabe Swarr said...


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