A General Update

[posted by Zach]

Busy busy busy. Something always seems to be going on over at Swarr Family, Inc. We've been busy fixing, cleaning and upkeeping the house, Declan's keeping us (and himself) busy, school (for me) and work (for us) is keeping us in a constant head spin. Overall though, I think we're doing pretty well not getting caught up in the craziness of it all.

Declan's actually doing fantastic. He has his occasional incidents of impulsive behavior, such as tripping Mommy as she walks up the outside steps and coloring on the new lizard tank at school with a crayon
because he wanted to...overall though he's doing well. His artwork is definitely improving and his reading (yes, I said 'reading') skills are starting to emerge. Go, Declan!

School finals are this week and I think they should be failry painless. I've only had 2 classes on my docket for this semester, so all in all it's been a fairly laxed few months. This summer I'm planning on taking 2 classes, which should prove to be a little more intense, but we'll s

As for jobs, I'll leave mine well enough alone as that might cause a content overload on blogger. Sidestepping my whatever, Maribeth is doing great at her job, aside from the occasional bouts of boredom. C'est la work.

We'll check in again when we get more downtime (keep your fingers crossed that we'll have good news on the house).



Lamar The Revenger said...

don't forget about us...

zach said...

who are you?