I need a new button

When I get home today I am going to have to find the button jar and search for a new button for my pants. I truly don't recall how it came off, although I have a good guess as to why most buttons become detached. I did keep it in the pocket of my pants just in case I would be feeling ambitious one day and sew it back on. It's not absolutely necessary because I also have one of those metal tab/hook that works just fine...at least until one side of it gets bent or pulled out. So all in all, I'm ok to leave my button in my pocket until the time comes to restore it to its full potential of being a button.

Well, I thought it was ok...until this morning that is. When it all went wrong. You see, being 28, I already find myself having to take medication daily. One pill to prevent daily migraines (can I get a sarcastic 'yay,' people?). So until the day comes when I no longer have to take the meds, I must consume them faithfully. And because I am me, I sometimes forget. Last evening was one of those nights. I forgot to take it. And I forgot to take it when I left the house this morning. I only remembered it when I had to run back in to grab the phone that I forgot and while I was there, I also grabbed the pair of jeans and a shirt that I forgot (notice a pattern yet?).

So I shove the pill in my pocket and run out of the house. I get to work and I remember my pill.

I reach in my pocket, put my pill in my mouth, drink and swallow.

Crap. That didn't feel like a pill. It was a little bit too big.

Stupid button...



MB Swarr said...

My poor forgetful husband. Although I am glad you grabbed your jeans and shirt, because I completely forgot I told you I would!

mrs. blues said...

Tee hee - thanks for sharing. your button, our chuckle. if you wait a couple of days your pants could have thier original button restored; wouldn't that be a great "part II" : )

Lamar The Revenger said...

get a pair of disposable rubber gloves and go like declan cleaning out a pumpkin... squish, squish, squish!

The Swarrs... said...

Completely gross Dean. Just. Gross.