Car Pool

By: Mrs. Swarr

Zach and I have begun carpooling as much as we can, but some days its just not possible. Those days are extremely frustrating seeing as we both have to drive over 15 miles to work and our offices happen to be several blocks apart. Even more frustrating is when we have plans after work and end up following each other all over town. As irritating as that may be, it did lead to a rather interesting discovery.

Apparently, if you are down the road from another car, one of you has an ipod, and you both have your radios tuned to the same station, you BOTH get to listen to the ipod music. Pretty snazzy, eh? I thought so. I ranted about this coolness for days.

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Lamar The Revenger said...

smart! surprise you have done it yet. wish michelle and i could do that. i get to work and start too early. like 2 hours before you get out of bed.