Meet Lucy and other stuff

By: Mrs. Swarr

We finally bought a card reader, and boy do I have pictures to show you! First, here is the [most] neurotic member of our family, Lucy:

Quite ladylike, no? She still annoys the crap out of us (Arty most of all), but she seems to have edged her way into our hearts, so I guess we'll keep her. Although if she ever pees on our bed again......

Right. Less blogging more pictures. Next is one of Zach's brilliant ideas for Thanksgiving. If one of us is ever to stay home with the kids on a permanent basis, it will be Zach. I would make them wash dishes and clean their rooms. Zach? Not so much:

More Thanksgiving - seriously, do you see the smile on this kid's face? Leave it to Uncle Gabe:

Here's one more recent picture to get you through the day. Much more to come, but they all have stories to go with them.


Savage said...

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

More! More! More!!!
More pics, please!!!!
Mom S