That's Capital

Last night was family fun night, as is every Wednesday. It doesn't matter what we do on these nights, so long as we do it together. Last night Zach decided to make this particular night a bit more special. After the adventure of making chicken quesadillas together and trying to get Declan to eat his dinner in less than 3 hours, we cleared the table. Lo and behold, under Declan's plate was a note in Daddy's handwriting. It was a clue. I was excited, Declan was not. "What has keys but no locks? What makes music so we can dance?" Declan was convinced it was the door despite the obvious logic. We finally clued him in that the door in fact does have locks and most definitely does not make music, so the next logical answer is the piano. He still didn't get it.

We made it to the piano though, and thankfully the rest of the clues were much easier. Declan and I ran all over the house discovering new clues in places such as "where we put the clothes to dry" and "where Declan lays his head to sleep." It was picture perfect family bonding time.

What I didn't know was what the prize waiting for us at the end would be. A lollipop for Declan? A sticker? Two stickers? Oh how I continue to underestimate the man I have chosen to endure life with! There was not a lollipop or a sticker or even two stickers. There was not even a new toy for Declan. Instead there was a detailed plan of our already booked and planned out trip to Washington DC. I. Am. Stoked. I can't wait to take Declan to the zoo and the Smithsonian and the Museum of Natural History....... We are seriously going to have a blast and I can't believe how awesome Zach is for planning this whole thing out.

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