Answer Time

Alright. Maribeth and I sat down and have answered the questions that were asked of us. It was actually a lot of fun, so we may have to do this again in the future. I hope we've answered them to your liking.

(for me)

Do you enjoy not wearing the pants in your family?

Yes, I enjoy it very much. Actually, I don’t see the family roles as wearing pants vs not wearing pants, I see it as more of a 3 legged race where neither one of us is wearing pants.

(for both of us)
Would you bake Michelle and I [Dean] some bread with pepperoni and cheese in the middle and we'll come over the next time we both have a weekend off to hang out?

Yes…you tell us when and we’ll make the bread…

(for both of us)
If you won 10 Million, would you give me [Archer] a million of it? And how many of your friends would you neglect?

After much discussion on this (good question by the way), we’ve decided that you’re the only friend we’d neglect. Just kidding…actually, if we were to win 10 million dollars, we’ve decided that instead of giving 1 million to 9 friends, we would give $10,000 spending cash and a $50,000 investment plan to many more people. Plus maybe a kick ass party too.

(for both of us)
What are you guys doing for fun these days? In fact, what's the best day you had in the past two weeks?

The best day we’ve had in the past 2 weeks was the weekend we got together with a few of my Marine friends and their families. It was just a relaxing day of fun, beer, games and grilling. Not a care in the world. Aside from that, our fun is really just working on the house and chugging away at the day to day. Good family = good fun!

(for Maribeth)
If you could pick a dream job for both yourself and Mr. Swarrior, what would they be and why?

There are a lot of jobs that would make Zach happy. I think he should be writing for a living or doing cartoon voices. Then of course there would be time for puppeteering and inventions on the side. The thing is, he could do just about anything he put his mind to, he just has to decide what it is he wants.
My dream job is to help abused kids. Ideally, I would have a huge horse farm and use the horses in the therapy process for the kids.

(for both of us)
Which 80s sitcom character would you be and why?

Zach: Well, my initial thought was Michael from Knight Rider, but then I’d have to spend my life as David Hasselhoff and I don’t see myself liking that too much…so after much thought, I think the best option for me would be Capt. H.M. Murdock from the A-team. There’s nothing better than being clinically insane, blowing stuff up, and hanging out with BA Baracus.

Maribeth: My first thought was Punky Brewster. She had more coolness in her pinky toe than this little Mennonite girl had in her whole body (plus I'd end up looking like this). Ultimately though, what could possibly be better than the ability to take a nail clipper, a table leg, and a rubber band and make a nuclear time bomb? Final answer: MacGyver.

-zs & mb

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Lamar The Revenger said...

okay. i tried to get ahold of you today, but, no answer. that bread would be good! Zach - Murdock: i can see you there. but i always more thought of you as Face. MB: punky bewster grown up. definitely! glad you liked my bonus question! it was better than yours! call soon!