The gears are a-turnin'

Ok. Maribeth and I are working on answering all of the fantastic questions you've all posted.

Just for the record, here are the questions:

1. (for me): Do you enjoy not wearing the pants in your family?

2. (to both of us): Would you bake Michelle and I [Dean] some bread with pepperoni and cheese in the middle and we'll come over the next time we both have a weekend off to hang out?

3. (to both of us) If you won 10 Million, would you give me [Archer] a million of it? And how many of your friends would you neglect?

4. (to both of us) What are you guys doing for fun these days? In fact, what's the best day you had in the past two weeks?

5. (to both of us) Which 80s sitcom character would you be and why?

6. (for Maribeth) If you could pick a dream job for both yourself and Mr. Swarrior, what would they be and why?

Some of these are really good questions. Check in through the weekend, because the post with all of the answers is going to go up. If you have any last minute questions, post them in this comments section asap.

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