Happy Birthday, Swarr Blog!!

Happy Birthday, Swarr Family Blog!

You're a whole 2 years old today. Congratulations! I remember our first post together like it was yesterday...

We've been posting steady for 2 years and we're still goin' at it.

Thanks to all for reading, posting and commenting. Without all of you this would be pointless.

~The Swarrs
(Zach, Maribeth, Declan, Arty and Lucy)


Lamar The Revenger said...

yippee!! even if you don't post regular;y sometimes, it's still a fun read.

Mom & Dad said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
We've enjoyed your blog since day one!!!
More posts, please!!!!!

Archer said...

It takes alot of dedication to write a blog and maintain it. Good Job, even though I never read it.