Hello Swarr Blog

Well here we are typin up our first post. All of the witty remarks and humorous anecdotes that made this seem like a good idea an hour ago have just oozed out of my brain onto the floor somewhere and I think the cats are eating it. eww!

For those of you who can't get enough of the lil Swarr family, you can now feel a little closer just by reading this handy little blog whenever your heart desires. You'll get updates on the latest cat musings, Declan antics and parental woes and wows along the way.

Hopefully we'll get the hang of the posting thing and have enough gumption to keep it going so that that it can grow and progress as we do.

Here's to much blogging together! CHEERS!!



Mom said...

What the....?!
I thought....!
How did you....?
Why I oughta.....!


Daddy Dubble said...

I like it. Keep it up, and we will enjoy.

DAD said...

"That Little Man is so stinking CUTE I can hardly stand it, not to mention his MOM & DAD!"

poop-deck-PAPPY said...

ARRRGGG!!! Ship that little Lad off with me and I'll make a Man out of him in no time.He'll be me first mate and we'll sail the Seas in many an Adventure.

Anonymous said...
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Savage said...

One big happy family. :)

Gabe Swarr said...

Are those Mom's glasses?

Kim said...

Looks great Zach. We will look forward to the updates.

Kim and Jay

mark swarr said...

hi swarr family!!!
do you know the swarr family that
lives in columbia?
jane and john with kids mark kathy and john???