Meow is MIA

There is no easy way to say this...Meow is missing. For those of you that don't know, Meow is a little stuffed tiger that is best friends with Declan. Not only is he just a stuffed animal, he is THE stuffed animal. Declan goes everywhere with him. And Meow goes everywhere with Declan.

Our story begins at my company's annual summer picnic. Much fun was had by all. A magician, a bouncy castle, and a little frog pond for Declan to fall into. "Froggie?" sploosh! Time to change the clothes. So there we were having fun and enjoying ourselves to the point where we decided to call it a day. Packing up the lawn chairs, the diaper bag and the wet clothes, we made our way to the car. We loaded little man up and piled the things in the back. Upon looking around and making a mental inventory of what we brought vs. what we're leaving with, something struck me. Taking a second and even third look around I could only come to one conclusion: no little tiger. So naturally we went back to the table we called home during the party to search. Outside and inside we looked. No tiger. We even asked a few funny looks in response (because how often are you asked , "Have you seen a little tiger anywhere?"). Coming to the conclusion that that Meow was no longer there, we slumped back to the car, drove the two minutes home and proceeded to unload our goods. Untangling Declan from his web of a car seat, we picked him up and turned to go back to the house. "Wha Meow?". There it was...the realization that his little tiger didn't come home. Of course we responded as any responsible and honest parent would: "I think he's inside. Let's go inside" and hurried off.

We did a good job keeping him distracted throughout the evening, but when it came time for bed there was no avoiding it. Following the bedtime rituals, we read him a story, gave him his bottle and said our goodnight prayers. He laid down and..."Wha Meow?". Crap. There I sat explaining to him how Meow went bye-byes, he's sleeping over at someone else's house, etc, etc...Not an easy thing to explain to an 18 month old. Partially because I don't think he understood a word I was saying. We said a little prayer for Meow and off to slumberland he went.

The next morning, Mommy woke him up. He sleepily opened his eyes, smiled and reached up for her. She picked him up and turned to walk out of the room and, of course "Uh Meow" (meaning "I want Meow"). She went throught the same routine that I went through explaining how Meow went bye-byes, but he is safe and we'll get him back, etc...

Here we are...Meow-less. Declan slowly realizing that his friend may be gone forever.

So the hunt is on. Maribeth and I will not rest until we bring Meow home. We have a couple of leads and some questioning to do. We'll see what turns up.

Meow, wherever you are...keep your chin up. We're coming to get you.


coworkerkim said...

oh noooooo! I'm sure M will turn up at the Inn somewhere! Bet I know where Zach is heading after work!
Maybe I can bring Tbone up and he can track it!
This story reminds me of when my 2 year old niece lost "yoonie" - her stuffed unicorn. They realized they'd dropped it somewhere in the Chambersburg Mall and by the time they got home, the mall was closed. Driven by her baby's wails, my sister drove back to the mall and found a security guard and argued with him (i.e. yelled at him) to let her in to search for uni! He wouldnt allow her to enter, but walked himself, up and down the hallways and actually found it, so at about midnight Ali triumphantly returned it to her inconsolable daughter and gained hero status.

The Swarrs said...

wow...thats amazing. I hope we're as lucky.

lamar the revenger said...

you might find it soon... it probably went on a great adventure to another dimension and rescued some hot tigress princess. of course he won't say a word about it. he misses the little man too much...