The Good Stuff

By Mrs. Swarr

As most of you know, Zach is going back to school. He actually started last week, and we are slowly getting into the groove of this new adventure.

One of the benefits of Zach's endeavor is that I get Declan all to myself one night a week. To be quite honest, this is the perfect medicine for whatever ails me. Declan and I have a really great time when it is just the two of us, and it makes me feel more connected to him after spending 10 hours a day apart.

Last night was the first of these nights, so I decided Declan and I should have our own little celebratory dinner together. When I mentioned that we were going to go somewhere special for dinner, he immediately shouted for joy 'old macdonalds!!' as he calls it. I tried to say that, no, this was not what I had in mind, but whining ensued. To avoid any further grating on my nerves, I calmly explained to him how important it is to put good stuff in our bodies.

"But Mommy, chicken nuggets are good stuff. I eat them at school."

"Yes, and they're ok every once in a while, but they are not the best for us. We need to put fresh food, like vegetables and fruit into our bodies."

He agreed, so I took him to the Chocolate Cafe and ordered us each a peanut butter chocolate banana panini. Yes, he was bouncing off the walls all night, but at least his dinner was all organic. Right?


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Lamar The Revenger said...

where's that place? michelle did the same with alex on sunday by taking to her parents for the night, and he fussed up a storm