A Mighty Groin Kick

[by Zach]

I love cartoons. I grew up with my eyes glued to the TV every chance I got. I grew up watching the greats like Transformers, He-Man, Centurions, GI Joe, Inhumanoids, Smurfs, Snorks, TMNT, Robotix, blah blah blah...I could go on and on and on.

I still watch cartoons. I LOVE them. I even watched them when watching cartoons wasn't cool...in high school.

I'd come home and devour them. To the point, I must say, I watched Bonkers, Talespin and Goof Troop. On the other end of the spectrum, there were really good cartoons in the 90s. Batman: The Animated Series, The Tick, Tiny Tunes, Gargoyles, Animaniacs, Darkwing Duck, etc...

I must say, with few exceptions, one cartoon of that era stood out. Well above the rest. Maybe not in an animation sense, but the writing, voice acting and overall story arc was phenomenal. I'm speaking of Mighty Max. That blasted cartoon was amazing! Max, Virgil and Max's guardian, Norman. For an episode listing go here.

One of the things I love to do is gather up old cartoons I used to watch. Ask Maribeth, I have VHS tapes of Hulk Hogan's Rockin' Wrestling, DVDs of Gummi Bears, Transformers, Gi Joe, etc...
So, I find it only natural to buy Mighty Max on DVD. The entire series (even if it is only 2 seasons). I want it.

But I can't get it. It doesn't exist.

And to rub salt in the wound...I scrolled down on my amazon search...and found that this steaming pile of crap series got released. Who ever watched Biker Mice from Mars? Probably the same people that watched Capitol Critters...asses.


Justin Ryan Grenier said...

Try this?


Lamar The Revenger said...

Zach, the funny thing is the powers that be revamped Biker Mice from Mars similar to TMNT. Welcome to the wonderful world of Saturday morning cartoons... It's either anime, some stupid collectible trading card (or dice) cartoon, a computerized blahfest, or some rapeage of a classic.