Like Father, Like Son

[posted by Zach]

Last night was Family Fun Night at the Swarr household. We've been very good about taking every Wednesday and spending time as a family; either playing board games, watching movies, or going somewhere. The other thing about Family Fun Night is that Lil Man gets to sleep in our bed. It's a lot of fun and he absolutely loves it.

Last night we got food from Isaac's, rented Charlotte's Web and hung out upstairs. After getting ready for bed (teeth, jammies and stories), the lights went off and it was time to sleep.

I was lying facing away from Declan and trying to relax and Little Man was curled up behind me facing toward me. I was lying there and eventually I started to feel little Declan feet pressing on my butt. I asked him to stop and he didn't. I told him to stop and he didn't. So, like a responsible father I made a little push against his feet with my butt and I made a fart noise (with my mouth, of course).

Naturally, this prompted Little Man to push harder on my butt with his feet and every time he did, naturally I made another fart noise. He kept giggling, so, of course I kept doing it. Then he started to make fart noises. And before we knew it, the two of us are making fart noises and giggling in bed like a couple of three year olds...

Then, as if she was actually trying to sleep, we got a groggy, "OK. It's time to relax, boys" from Maribeth's side of the bed.

So, after a couple more giggly fart noises from both of us and another 'reminder' from Maribeth, we eventually calmed down.

Silent. Relaxed. Ready to sleep.

Then I felt two little fingers 'walk' up my back, down my shoulder, across my neck and up to my ear. I feel them 'squat' and then Little Man lets loose a fart noise and giggles.

I chuckled and turned to him and said, "OK, buddy. Let's sleep now."

I smiled and rolled back over. Beaming with pride.

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Mom S said...

I hope you can somehow save all these stories for the future. It's hard to remember ALL of them, but know this:

With each Declan story you tell us, Dad and I remember very similar stories. Thanks for helping US remember!!!!